Seismovision 2.25full + Rocket Arena 3, problems...

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Seismovision 2.25full + Rocket Arena 3, problems...

Post by VoRAdoR » 08 May 2004, 14:50

OK i just started getting into this movie making stuff and I have LOTS of demos from Rocket Arena 3. I have Quake 3 Arena Point Release 1.32.
now heres the problem;
I cannot view my demos from the rocket arena menu. When i click on demos, it shows 2 demos which are original quake 3 arena 1.17 demos. I dont know how it detects them or why they are there. But the problem is, RA3cannot detect, let alone play my demos. So I downloaded Seismovision 2.25 full. Great, I could watch my demos, but this is the problem: I can launch a demo from RA3 and watch it, however, the special Seismovision functions, such as the slowdown, fast forward, third person view, and timer, they do not work whilst i am playing the demos. I keep hitting the various keys on the numpad which SHOULD have an effect on the demo playing, but they dont.
the other problem is that although I am seeing everything from the first person perspective, i cannot see the HUD or the weapon in the demo. It says at the bottom of the screen Rocket Arena 3 - Spectator. The other problem is, I cannot see the medals that I received when I was actually playing RA3. When I play the demo, it doesnt show any of the many accuracy medals that I got :(
The other problem is SFX... when viewing the demo, I can hear just about every SFX except those issuing from my own actions, namely the beep or honk when u hurt an enemy, or the screams of pain when u get hurt.
what can I do?
any help is appreciated, thx.