Call of Duty 2: No demo controls or game crash

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Call of Duty 2: No demo controls or game crash

Post by OomJan » 19 Aug 2006, 19:33

Game: Call of Duty 2
Version: All Versions
Symptom: Crash on game start-up with error messages or no/partial demo controls with Seismovision 3

Error messages include:

Code: Select all

Error during initialization:
Script compile error
(see console for details)

Code: Select all

Attempted to overrun string in call to va()
Below is a screenshot of all files in the ‘main’ folder of Call of Duty 2 v1.3. The ‘.iwd’ files are the data files for Call of Duty 2. Remove all ‘.iwd’ files not contained in the list below and your problem should be solved.


All the problem reports that I received for Call of Duty 2 had the same solution. Some mod or add-on broke demo playback support or does not let the game start. Even if you think you do not have a mod or add-on installed in the ‘main’ folder, check again.

A new feature in Seismovision v3.01 will make your life even easier. Seismovision 3 can then automatically temporarily disable non-standard iwd files before playing the demo and restore them afterwards. (An update is not yet available)

Download this page as PDF:

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